Welcome to the BIM world

why scan your building ?

« TO BUILD IN WHAT EXISTS ALREADY » is becoming more and more important in architecture today.

Whatever type of works needs to be scanned, be it a building, an apartment block or a factory, we can achieve this by using precise laser scanners, with fast delivery for a ready-to-use result.

Data and the exact plans of a real estate site are key in ecological and predictable renovation, allowing the most to be made of all data to gain efficiency and performance.

Thanks to the measurement technology by ultra-modern laser scanners, we can quickly and accurately create plans with complete point cloud data. With this detailed and precise data, you have an up-to-date, exact and usable reference of your buildings at your fingertips, easily transformed into usable formats for all CAO and BIM systems.


areas of activity

  • Architecture : refurbishment, renovation & transformation
  • Heritage protection
  • Technical & industrial planning
  • Civil engineering
  • As build (BIM) state and built state


  • Exact and complete survey: Capture and  import, no area is missed with laser scanner data.
  • Drawing up of plans, cross-sections and facades : Manage and use with vectorised files in 2D and 3D scale models. 
  • Complete database compatible with all CAO systems : Manage and use with the aid of the creation of a BIM model, allowing effective visualization and isolation of critical zones
  • Fast work flux synonymous with reduced project costs : Complete work from measurement to drawing up of plans with a precision that is better than a survey done by hand.


  • Specification of structures, spaces and volumes: Capture of data in situ and full identification of different structural parts or elements of the building.
  • Conservation of historical buildings or monuments:  Creation of comprehensive documentation, that is fast and unique in digital format and on the HD orthophoto base allowing precise restoration planning, virtual visit creation or an archive.
  • Industrial and Technical Planning : Survey and documentation on the existing state of technical and industrial installations to give precise intervention planning usable by technical study offices’ computer programs.
  • Complete acquisition of constructed state: Survey and documentation of the current state of works such as metered survey, technical allocation, frameworks or situation state before delivery.  The laser sweep of a worksite or works that is ready for handover produces a precise, fast, three-dimensional record of the actual state of a building. Take advantage of a BIM model to construct models that conform to the execution from data from the point cloud and construct high quality 3D models.
  • Control of terracing and networks: Precise collection and calculations of  metreage of excavated ground and surveys of drainage and service networks.  Check the quality and exactitude of facts by comparing them in point clouds and survey data.
  • Observation before works: Establishment of a precise 3D observation with the aid of an HD orthophoto survey of the state of the built environment before works.

BIM methodology

« SCAN TO BIM MODELING SERVICE » Our team are adaptable to all your projects, prior to work, during works, on a finished piece of work or following a disaster.

The 3D surveys are created by means of a 3D professional scanner by FARO brands.

The capture result is a 3D point cloud geometrically defining all the surfaces measured by the scanner’s laser beam.

Our SCAN 360 team transforms the measurements with maximum resolution to gain a homogeneous point cloud in terms of quality and precision.

Each scan is able to be viewed in real time while the capture is done.

The survey allows the reproduction of all the details of the building in the point cloud.

point cloud

The data is gathered to form a « point cloud » containing more than a million points, revealing structural problems which would otherwise be difficult to detect.

ortophoto HD

To increase readability, the point cloud is « wrapped » in a series of photographs; each data point is allocated the pixel colour of the corresponding image.


The laser point cloud data can then be vectorised to create a 3D model.

BIM model

A final model with surface texture and details can be generated.


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